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1/21/2015      Superformance GT40: How it's made dream cars

The superformance GT40 will be featured on how it's made: dream cars on:

January 22nd at 9pm est

Be sure to watch to get a look into how these cars are built to original specifications!
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12/2/2014      Superformance Dealer Pathfinder builds the first MKIIB

Pathfinder Motorsports recently commissioned the build of a Mk IIB. This is the first Safir-licensed Mk IIB continuation GT40, featuring many accurate details. The Mk IIB was the final version of the Ford-sponsored GT40s, and it represented the acme of track-proven refinements. As an example, the Mk IIB dashboard - read more »

2/26/2014      Garage Find: A rare GT40 MKI P/1067 found. Photos by John Shaughnessy Words by Mike Satterfield

" If you saw the tail end of a GT40 sticking out of a suburban garage with junk piled all over it, you would assume it was some long forgotten kit car project, but that was not the case in one Thousand Oaks neighborhood, where one of the most desirable read more »

11/11/2013      Licensed to Thrill. Robb Report COLLECTION takes a look into the rebirth of Classic American Supercars

"..History Repeating. With these American sports car continuations, driving a classic has never been easier."..........“I don’t have to look in the mirror to tell I’m no longer 23 years old. But when I strap that rocket-snake on, I sure feel like it; and I plan to keep doing it as read more »

9/7/2013      Thunderous Ford GT40’s at Goodwood Revival.

Jeff Glucker “If you made a list of iconic racecars, there would be a few vehicles that wouldn't even be up for debate for inclusion. A few would surely cause discussion amongst the creators of the list, but a handful would elicit nothing more than knowing nods and deep-seated appreciation. read more »

8/26/2013      Electric Federal takes a look at the Superformance GT40

Published on Aug 23, 2013 "A little more than a decade ago, Superformance could be considered as just another replicator of Shelby Cobras. A lot's changed since then--and the company's licensed GT40 is evidence of that. Since its race debut back in 1965, the GT40 has come to symbolize a read more »

7/15/2013      FORD GT40 MK II: LE MANS REDUX!

Superformance, Pathfinder Motorsports and Holman & Moody, recreate the 1966 Le Mans winning GT40.- Article in Car Guy Chronicles: Posted by Martyn Schorr.

.."Pathfinder started the project with a Holman & Moody dry sump 427 FE side-oiler, built by Jimmy Tucker who has worked building engines there since
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6/25/2013      Film Friday: Inside the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40 program

Autoweek take a look inside the Le Mans winning Ford GT40 60’s program.

By Graham Kozak 6/21/2013

“You might say that the Ford GT40 was only made possible by one man's obsession -- specifically, Henry Ford II's obsession with taking down Ferrari in a big
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5/11/2013      A CSGT40 and Original GT40 @ the Shelby Tribute and Car Show.

The Carroll Shelby facility in Gardena was the hive of activity on Saturday, May 11 where thousands of Shelby enthusiasts came to honor Carroll Shelby for a Tribute and Car show, one year and one day after his passing.

The parking lot was packed with Mustangs and Cobras,
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5/5/2013      A $5Million dollar GT40 attends the Greystone Concours d'Elegance.

The Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills hosted its 4th annual Concours d ’Elegance on the 5th of May 2013.

The manor’s gorgeous grounds provided an ideal background for the classic car event, which serves as a fundraiser for the restoration and preservation of the Greystone grounds. This event
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