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Motoring review: Superformance GT40 by Peter Burgess

Thursday, October 01, 2015

.."This Superformance model is officially sanctioned, and so true to the original that more than 90 per cent of the parts are interchangeable. Also – and this is very important – it’s classed as a Continuation Model, with chassis numbers that run on from the 1960s original. So it’s like the real thing, but one twenty-fifth of the current price. "

""There are some options regarding the engine and transmission but the simple facts are this car is powered by a big American V8 engine coupled with a very physical manual gearbox. If you really insist, the gear lever can be mounted by the door, as in the race cars, but it’s not compulsory. "

"This car is low, 40 inches tall to be precise, which is where the “40” in GT40 comes from. To help you get in and out, the door cuts in to almost the centre of the roof, which means you need to be very careful when you slam it if you’re to avoid being scalped. "
"It’s snug inside and pretty comfortable, with the welcome addition of air conditioning – something the original never had. It’s not an especially pretty interior though. Ferrari and Aston Martin drivers might choke at the simplicity of it all. "

"Yet crank over the V8, hear the rumble that emanates from immediately behind your kidneys, and realise that you are in for a very special experience. This is no sanitised supercar, where you simply slot the transmission into Drive and head off like you would in a VW Golf. You need to drive the GT40, grab it by the scruff of its neck and, gradually, get the better of it. It’s indecently, thrillingly fast."

"That won’t be for everyone, certainly, but in a world where much arrives pre-digested on a plate, this is old-school motoring. Slip on your best lumberjack shirt and off you go. Just don’t bring any luggage."

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